New Academic Advisor of the Executive Programme in International Negotiation and Policy-Making

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The Geneva Graduate Institute is pleased to announce that Dr Jérome Duberry has been nominated as the new Academic Advisor of the flagship Executive Programme in International Negotiations and Policy-Making. The 15th edition of the programme will start on 19 September.

Dr Jérôme Duberry is a well-known figure in his field with multiple skills: Academic Advisor at Executive Education, Managing Director of the Tech Hub, and Senior Research Fellow at the Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy and the Center for International Environmental Studies.

“We are very happy that Jérôme decided to accept this role within Executive Education; his expertise, particularly in digital diplomacy, will enhance the value of this core programme of our executive offering, making it even more relevant for our audience.” declared Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, Director of Executive Education & Eliane Ballouhey, Executive Director of Executive Education

Dr Jérôme Duberry’s research focuses on the nexus between technology and multi-stakeholder governance to explore how the technological intensification of governance and policy-making processes can shift the balance of power and favour the participation of some actors to the detriment of others.

“In a time of considerable instability, communicating effectively with the many different stakeholders to influence international policy decisions is becoming particularly valuable. At the heart of International Geneva, the Institute’s expertise in policy-making, negotiation, consensus building, and innovation will be crucial in these changing circumstances. With a sense of humility and responsibility, I acknowledge the task ahead of us.” said Dr Jérôme Duberry, Academic Advisor of the Executive Programme in International Negotiation and Policy-Making

At the Geneva Graduate Institute, Dr Jérôme Duberry also teaches courses related to digital and emerging technologies, including “Cybersecurity and Virtual Insecurity”, “Digital Innovation in Nature Conservation”, and “Digital Diplomacy and Power Relations on Cyberspace”.

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