New Executive Education course Theories and Practices of International Relations

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The Geneva Graduate Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the new five-day Executive Education course in Theories and Practices of International Relations starting 5 June 2023.

Running from 5 to 9 June 2023, the Executive course in Theories and Practices of International Relations is designed for professionals in international organisations, governments, NGOs and the private sector interested in and impacted by the urgent and profound changes in international relations and who wish to advance in their careers.

Anchored in the five academic disciplines taught at the Geneva Graduate Institute – Anthropology and Sociology, International Economics, International History and Politics, International Law and International Relations/Political Science – the executive course provides tailored modules on each of these fields’ outlook on international affairs to equip professionals with up-to-date analytical insight and practical perspective on global issues and challenges in a changing world.

Over the five days of the course, ten modules are taught by senior professors from the faculty of the Institute’s disciplinary departments, allowing participants in-depth exchanges with renowned scholars specialising in these topics. Participants will delve into the different theories of international relations, the role of law in framing international interaction, the value of anthropological and sociological approaches to international relations, the structure of international organisations and inner workings of multilateralism, the architecture of development and international economics, emerging global health issues and the urgency of contemporary security challenges. In addition, the course features senior policymaking experience-focused sessions on diplomacy as well as a workshop on the different methodologies of international affairs.

“The programme is designed specifically to empower current and future professionals to become both knowledgeable and efficient in their engagement with today’s complex global affairs. We place emphasis on the operational combination of critical thinking and applied policy skills, making the learning all the time focused on solving current issues”. – notes Professor Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou,Course Director and Director of Executive Education.

“The course allows a deep dive into, notably, the principles of international law, which have an important role in the practice and regulation of international relations. It lays down the fundamental rules of the game for states and other international actors and helps solve disputes providing the international community with a sense of identity and common purpose.” – remarks Professor Andrea Bianchi, Course contributor and Geneva Graduate Institute Director of Studies.

The Theories and Practices of International Relations course is part of the Executive Master in International Relations Programme.

More information about the course is available at


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