Meet Matteo Guidotti, Regional Academic Coordinator of the Executive Diploma in Development Policies and Practices

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Our Development Policies and Practices and Conflict and Fragility Management Programmes could not run without the hard work of our Regional Academic Coordinators. Throughout the following weeks, we will present each of them so you can get to know who is behind the DPP-CFM Programmes. Our first profile is Matteo Guidotti, Regional Academic Coordinator for African English-speaking countries. 

How long have you been Regional Academic Coordinator of the Executive Diploma in Development Policies and Practices (DPP) for African English-speaking countries? 

My involvement in the DPP dates back to 2004 when I had the opportunity to be part of the first batch of students to enrol in the programme. Back then, the programme had a different name and length, but the spirit was the same. I attended the programme in Hanoi, and in the following years, I had the pleasure of lecturing, during module 1, classes on Policy, Governance, and Development. I really enjoyed that experience! In 2012, the Graduate Institute, in collaboration with the UGBS, signed an agreement to launch the DPP for English-speaking African countries. When they offered me the academic coordinator position, I did not hesitate for a moment and accepted it.

We are currently in the admission process for the programme. What do you look for in your students when reading their applications?

There are several key elements that define a good application for the DPP. First, the programme should be relevant to the candidate’s profile and learning expectations. The quality of the written application, particularly the description of the proposed research topic, is another critical aspect. The research topic should be suitable for a diploma in development policies and practices and should align with the candidate’s intended learning journey. Finally, during the oral individual interview, we can further appreciate each candidate’s motivation and interest.

What do you look forward to the most when the programme starts?

While I enjoy every aspect of the programme, an exciting moment is when we meet the participants face-to-face and have the great pleasure of engaging with them personally. I see my role mainly as a coach; knowing that I can make a difference and truly impact the future of our participants gives me a sense of responsibility, deep gratitude for this job, and intense personal satisfaction.

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