Podcast series – Supply Chain, Geopolitics and Diplomacy

by | May 2, 2024 | Diplomacy, International Relations | 1 comment

This roundtable discussion, hosted by Michael Richey, a participant in the Diplomacy, Negotiation and Policy Programme, coins the topic of supply chain diplomacy as a possible new field of study combining the different disciplines of supply chain, geopolitics, and diplomacy. The panel included experts such as Gustavo L Ghory, Lionel Fatton, Ana Calvo, and Camilo Valderrama.

Gustavo L Ghory, expert in supply chain with vast experience in the consumer goods industry, where he served in top executive roles at Procter and Gamble and Kimberly-Clark, has explored this concept with strong conviction that supply chain diplomacy can deliver supply effectiveness in adversity.

Lionel Fatton, PhD respected professor and researcher, focused on the Indo-Pacific region’s military affairs and security dynamics and shares his perspective on how supply chain and geopolitical tensions interact. 

Ana Calvo and Camilo Valderrama, medical doctors in public health and humanitarian aid, visiting professors at University Rosario in Bogota, with 30 years of experience working with refugees in conflict zones, share examples of the effect of war on supply chain.

Recent history shows the need to strengthen supply chain capabilities to enable supply effectiveness when facing unexpected interruptions and continuing geopolitical changes.

The podcast coins the concept of supply chain diplomacy as a new discipline that provides a set of tools and new capabilities emerging from studying the interception of supply chains, diplomacy, and geopolitics.

Podcast: Supply Chain, Geopolitics and Diplomacy

With the participation of :

Michael Richey: Leadership Education Consultant and participant in the Diplomacy, Negotiation and Policy Executive Programme.
Gustavo L Ghory: Chairman and Cofounder – SmarterChains SA, Former CSCO Kimberly Clark and Global VP Manufacturing at Procter and Gamble.
Lionel Fatton: Assistant Professor of International Relations, Webster Geneva Campus.
Camilo Valderrama: Humanitarian Health Practitioner,  MD, MPH and PHD Development Studies
Global health Course convenor. Rosario University, Colombia.
Ana Calvo: Humanitarian Health Practitioner,  MD, MPH and PHD on health and conflict (abs.)
Global health Course convenor. Rosario University, Colombia

1 Comment

  1. Manuel Corzo

    I would like to know more about this actual topic in our world today. Very important, practical and factual knowledge from people at the forefront of what they are addressing.👍👌


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