New strategic partnership between IMD and the Geneva Graduate Institute

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A new partnership has been initiated between the Geneva Graduate Institute and the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) to bring together their expertise in international relations and leadership. The official signing took place on 29 August 2022 during an event with alumni from both institutions.

IMD and the Geneva Graduate Institute have agreed to engage in a strategic partnership leveraging each institution’s area of expertise. The collaboration will allow recognising selected courses and/or electives that will count towards each institution’s respective flagship programmes; enabling faculty from both institutions to participate in each other’s activities; exploring the creation of a joint programme focusing on Leadership and International Relations; as well as the development of joint publications.

“Today, great strategic leadership calls for a nuanced understanding of geopolitics and complex global challenges. Through this new partnership with IMD, we are looking forward at the Graduate Institute to the harnessing of our complementarities. Preparing a generation of responsible decision makers for a radically uncertain environment implies a mix of critical thinking and engagement that our two Institutions together are well equipped to nurture” , said  Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Geneva Graduate Institute.

“From the climate emergency to the economic disruption caused by the war in Ukraine and soaring tensions in the Taiwan strait, geopolitics is increasingly impacting business decisions. Through this partnership, we can draw on the thought leadership and academic excellence offered by both IMD and the Geneva Graduate Institute to equip leaders from all backgrounds with the cross-disciplinary skills needed to move towards a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive society,” said IMD President Jean-François Manzoni.

To celebrate this new partnership, an official signing ceremony including a panel discussion on the future of diplomacy in turbulent times took place on 29 August with alumni from both institutions.

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