First ever Innovative Financing for Education Executive Education CAS at the Geneva Graduate Institute

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The Geneva Graduate Institute and NORRAG launch a new Executive Education course in Innovative Financing for Education, in partnership with IIEP-UNESCO and with support from the Jacobs Foundation. The course will be delivered fully online from 3 March 2023 to 30 June 2023. APPLY NOW!

Given the need for an additional USD 200 billion per year (UNESCO estimation) to achieve SDG 4, innovative financing is gaining attention to support more and better financing in education, as highlighted at the United Nations’ Transforming Education Summit.

Innovative Financing for Education (IFE) approaches aim to use creative financing structures to facilitate the movement of funds from sources interested in giving to sectors in need.

The main objective of the course is to equip education and finance professionals with skills to understand, analyse, evaluate, and design innovative financing approaches to realise SDG 4 and SDG 17 in domestic and international education financing. Participants will examine the benefits and challenges of various innovative financing approaches through real-life case studies and cutting-edge research within education, including Impact Bonds, Impact Investment, Debt Swaps, Results Based Financing, Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Reforms.

“Innovative financing approaches provide an important avenue for addressing the SDG 4 financing gap. More than ever, education and finance experts require a deeper evidence-based and context-specific understanding of the benefits and challenges with these approaches.” – Dr. Arushi Terway, Academic Director, Innovative Financing for Education

“Innovative approaches to financing education have increased dramatically over the past decade. Deep understanding of these approaches’ benefits and risks, however, has not. That is why education and finance professionals need access to the latest thinking and analysis in this space.  More well-trained experts will lead to more effective use and scaling of innovative financing tools in education.  We are proud to support this important work together with NORRAG and the Graduate Institute.” – John Soleanicov, Co-Lead, Learning Schools at Jacobs Foundation

NORRAG is a research centre and global network of over 5,000 members for international policies and cooperation in education and training. Established in 1977, NORRAG’s core mandate is to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge and to build capacity for and with the wide range of stakeholders who constitute their network. Through their work, NORRAG contributes to creating the conditions for more participatory, evidence-informed decisions that improve equal access to and quality of education and training. NORRAG is now mainly supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

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