LL.M. in International Law celebrates its 10-year anniversary

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The LL.M. in International Law programme, founded by Andrea Bianchi, Professor and Director of Studies and Co-directed by Professors Anne Saab and Fuad Zarbiyev, celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 3 March 2023 at the Institute’s Fab.

Alumni representing each class since 2013 were invited with former programme managers, teaching assistants, partners and Directors.

In 10 years, more than 240 students have graduated with an LL.M. in International Law. From 18 students at its inception, the programme has grown to 38 in 2023 and rates among the world’s top 10 LL.M. programmes for Public International Law.

During the anniversary celebration, three 2013 graduates shared their thoughts on how the programme contributed to shaping their future. The first testimonial is with Helena Rodríguez-Bronchú Carceller, who is now an International Human Rights Lawyer specialising in gender-sensitive human rights investigations, working for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Then we have Adeline Michoud, a qualified attorney in Geneva, and Darshika Bandaranayake Deutscher, a Legal Officer at the World Health Organization (WHO).

The LL.M.’s one-year postgraduate degree course equips students with the knowledge and professional skills necessary to advance or launch a career in international law. Students benefit from an unrivalled student-to-faculty ratio, one of the world’s broadest course offerings in international law and exposure to international legal practice in Geneva. In addition to the general courses, students choose a concentration stream: International Environmental Law and Governance, International Economic Law and Protection of the Individual in International law.

Small classes and seminars offer pedagogical instruction and stimulating intellectual fora, while the interdisciplinary approach and multicultural environment at the Geneva Graduate Institute equip students to meet the global challenges of our time. With courses covering the full range of international law specialities and programmes tailored for professional and research ambitions, our students have the best opportunity to advance in an international law career.

More information about the programme on executive.graduateinstitute.ch/llm

Mamadou Hébié, visiting professor of the LL.M. in International Law


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