Participant Profile – Felicetta Catanzaro

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Felicetta Catanzaro is a political scientist and international affairs professional renowned for her expertise in public policy analysis, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. With an impressive career spanning 15+ years, she has made remarkable contributions while working with International Organisations, Public Affairs Agencies in Brussels and Geneva and currently in a Corporate.

As an alumna of our Executive Degree in Advocacy in International Affairs, we asked her a few questions about how the programme positively impacted her daily work and professional development.

You attended the Advocacy programme in 2016. What impact has this training had on your professional career? What are your main takeaways?

The Advocacy programme certainly sets participants apart as recognised professionals with the right skills to design and drive advocacy campaigns successfully. This is an area of work where you can have an impact by influencing agenda setting, policy design and implementation, and prioritising investment by using evidence and data.

Thanks to the academic and practical learning and fruitful exchanges with an outstanding Faculty and a great international cohort, I have acquired the tactics and tools to ensure that relevant topics are elevated in the international and political agendas and that projects and initiatives are funded sustainably.

What would be your best advice to someone looking to join your field of work?

To succeed in that field, staying updated is essential to navigate current uncertainties and disruptions effectively. Opening dialogue with all stakeholders is also crucial. And finally, integrity is key.

What can we wish you for the future?

Wherever I am in the future, I want to be able to contribute to the solution of key emerging issues by directing resources toward more sustainable products and more effective policies.

Her last contribution to our blog reflects on how to enable alternative protein development and consumer acceptance. Read the article here.

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